1. Remove OEM end caps

This can be done either with the front bumper on or off. If done with the bumper on, you have to reach up underneath the bumper and get your hand into the inside where the clips from the end caps pass through the black plastic of the bumper.

The caps are held on by clips that slide through tabs. You have to depress the center part of the clip to slide it through.

There is a good picture here…
The picture is actually one of the rear bumper, but the clips are the same on the front. Each of the white clips can be removed by sliding them toward the larger end of the clip. You can do this with a flat head screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to push the larger clipless tabs down at either end.

Once the clips are removed and the tabs are pushed down you can just slide the end caps off the bumper.

2. Install the diamond plate

Note 1: If you are worried about scratching the bumper, use painters tape or masking tape on the bumper around the depression to avoid scratches.

Note 2: The cut is a little long to cover and hide the slots in the front of the bumper. So it’s not an exact fit in the space. The mounted plates will not be flush up against the bumper skin, just around the beveled edges of the depression.

Center and hold the diamond plate in place. Check the bend for fit before drilling holes. You may have to bend the plates slightly to make the fit flatter on your bumper due to possible differences between the years.

Note 3: The plates will bend without damaging the powder coat if you apply light pressure over something soft in the direction of the correction.

Use the plate as a template to mark and drill 4 holes through the plastic.

Insert the bolt through the diamond plate, then through the bumper.

Place the washers and lock washers on the inside of the bumper (lock washer on the nut side of the bolts), then put the nutsĀ on and tighten.

Note 4: Do not over-tighten. You run the risk of bending/deforming the plates because they are not flush up against the plastic as mentioned above. The lock washers should hold the nuts if you just snug them up good.

All done.