Construction The plates are aluminum diamond plate, bolted on with stainless bolts. The fit is a bit large in the front to cover the slots for the original end caps, but IMHO they look pretty good as long as you don’t get overly critical.

closeupHere’s a closeup of the first prototype. The scratches on the bumper are a result of getting the template right, sliding back and forth, etc. See below for additional color samples.     Pricing Pricing per pair temporarily reduced, mounting bolts/washers/shipping included:

  • $85 powder coated (your choice of color)
  • + $20 if shipping outside US (sorry, but that’s what it costs me)

Price includes stainless mounting hardware (powder coated to match) and shipping.

Regarding Paint vs Powder Coat

I tried rattle cans with a couple of different products (Rustoleum, Krylon), but wasn’t satisfied with the results. So I did a bit of research. Looks like the best prep available is Alodine. The pages I used to link to appear to be gone, but if you don’t prep the aluminum with Alodine or something like it the paint won’t set well and will easily rub off. The powder coat is rock hard and looks great. Powder coat is definitely better than paint for this application. If you were doing skids or rock rails I would say paint is better, because the rocks will scrape off anything and it is much easier to rattle can for touch ups than to re-powder. If you hit rocks hard enough to scrape off the powder on the wing replacements you’ll have much bigger issues to deal with than the plates.

Color Samples

Virtually, any color is available. Check the Picture Galleries for ideas.


Fill out the form below to order. In stock items ship within 2 business days. Price includes all installation hardware and shipping cost. If you want a color other than those listed, or have any questions, use the Contact Form.

Seconds are in limited quantities and will only be listed as a choice while available.

The flat black seconds have some very minor spotting where they were not completely covered by the powder coat. It is so minor I could probably sell them normally, but I’m a perfectionist.

The satin black seconds were flat black seconds that I corrected by spraying first with a primer, then with a satin black finish. They look very good, but again I’m a perfectionist and feel better selling them at a discounted price.

The mini-tex is not a second, it is a one-of-a-kind test I did with a different texture. It is between a smooth and wrinkle texture. I think it looks real good, look at the close-up in the gallery to get an idea of the texture.